Seamless Account Aggregator (AA) Integration Solutions for Financial Institutions

Are you a Financial Information Provider (FIP) or User (FIU) looking to leverage India's Account Aggregator (AA) ecosystem? Our cutting-edge platform, CART, simplifies AA integration, ensuring secure data exchange with advanced consent notifications and data-ready APIs.

Our platform addresses FIUs' unique challenges with proprietary data governance, efficient data fetching, simplified authentication/encryption, and digital signing for AAs. Beyond integration, we offer solutions for data and consent management, KYC/AML compliance, 360° risk assessment, credit scoring, underwriting, EWM, and bank statement and ITR/GST analysis.

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Why Institutions Should Choose Novel Patterns Account Aggregator TSPs?

Novel Patterns understands your unique needs. We provide personalized support throughout onboarding and integration, ensuring a smooth transition to the AA ecosystem.
Advanced Analytics

CART empowers you with in-depth analytics for tracking key metrics and identifying trends. Gain actionable insights to optimize your AA integrations and unlock new growth opportunities.
Seamless Integration

Our experienced team of technologists ensures a smooth and efficient integration of CART with your existing systems, maximizing your investment's value.
Certificate Facilitation

We simplify the complex regulatory landscape by facilitating necessary certifications and approvals, ensuring your AA integrations are compliant and secure.
Simplified Contract and Pricing

Our transparent contract and pricing structure offer clear terms, straightforward pricing, and no hidden costs, making it a cost-effective solution for joining the AA ecosystem.
Unified Invoice, Support & Billing

We streamline your experience with a centralized platform for managing invoices, accessing support, and handling billing inquiries, offering a hassle-free experience.
Scalable for Future Growth

CART is built to expand alongside your organization's growth. Seamlessly adapt to rising data volumes and integrate more AA connections as your operational needs evolve.
Robust Data Security

Your data security is our top priority. CART employs industry-leading security measures to protect sensitive financial information throughout the AA integration process thoroughly.

A foundational module encompassing all TSP requirements categories and fortifying the AA network

Data Standardization Expertise

We ensure smooth data flow and compliance by expertly implementing AA data standards, assisting in structuring and formatting financial information to meet requirements for seamless interoperability within the AA ecosystem.

Insights Through Data Analytics

Leverage our advanced analytics to uncover hidden opportunities in your financial data. We transform raw information into actionable insights, enabling data-driven decisions, trend identification, and personalized customer experiences.

User-Centric Design

Enhance user satisfaction and engagement with our intuitive design. We prioritize simplicity and seamless interactions in crafting user interfaces, facilitating easy access and sharing of financial information within the AA ecosystem.

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