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Give your customers a personalized financial experience & make it easy for them to access their finances.

CART help your customers by providing them with seamless verification of income, monitoring of credit, and personal finance management.

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Account Aggregator Services

Managing Lending Operations made SMART with CART

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Find out how C.A.R.T is enabling the complete Account Aggregator ecosystem !

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Here’s how this works!

C.A.R.T enables customers to link the Banking accounts and provide consent for data sharing through a regulated AA in the background. End users in the ecosystem can be individuals or businesses that are willing to share their information for the purpose of using a financial service or product. In just a few simple steps, C.A.R.T allows you complete move away from hassle of Physical Documents.

Register on regulated Account Aggregator of your choice via C.A.R.T

Once you register, automatic Bank account discovery enables users with option to link the required accounts in the next steps.

Linking of Accounts

Linking accounts  allows you to choose from which accounts you want to provide consent and share information. The accounts are linked through an OTP verification directly by your financial institution.

Consent review and Approval

Once accounts are linked, end borrowers can now provide consent for sharing their financial information with Financial Institutions who need access of banking data to provide the borrowers with best suited credit services.

Financial Institutions will ask their borrowers for consent to have their financial data collected to provide financial services or products. Our integration APIs make it an easy experience for both the end borrowers and Financial Institutions.

Accelerating the Account Aggregator Ecosystem!

Empower your customers with a personalized financial experience.

Single Point of Contact for all your Technological, Contracting, Certification and Access to multiple AA requirements.

Operational management made #SMARTwithCART.
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Seamless account aggregation and access to rich financial data.
Operational management made #SMARTwithCART.

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