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The third edition of Global Fintech Fest took place in 2022. With a thorough agenda that included policymakers, corporate executives & experts, it was a chance to sway businesses in front of decision-makers. The four-day hybrid event GFF 2022, themed “Creating A Sustainable Financial World – Global | Inclusive | Green,” focused on this topic.


company with a proven track record

A one-stop solution to all your banking needs including Automated Credit Underwriting, Video KYC & VPD solution, Account Aggregator Enablement & Investment Management Platform for front/middle/back office solutions.

A team of product fanatics working as tech-enablers and adding value to the overall BFSI industry with products and packaged implementations for financial inclusion, as well as assisting large corporate entities with solutions and platforms to gather velocity to achieve their digital transformation initiatives, leading to the efficient processes and exponential development.

Working as technology enablers and adding value to the complete banking industry — Retail, corporate and Investment Banking with the products and packed implementations for Financial Inclusion and help large conglomerates with platforms to gather velocity to achieve their digital initiatives in turn with exponential growth optimized operations.

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