ITR Analysis

Our ITR analysis tool seamlessly verifies income details, assesses tax compliance, and evaluates overall financial stability. Make informed lending decisions with confidence.

  • Real-Time Financial Visibility: Whether you're lending to individuals or businesses, our ITR analysis tool provides a clear, up-to-date view of their financial health.
  • Income Verification: Easily verify income details and assess tax compliance, ensuring borrowers meet your lending criteria.
  • Financial Stability Assessment: Gain a deeper understanding of a borrower's overall financial stability, allowing you to tailor lending products and terms.

With a clear understanding of your borrower's financial standing, you can tailor lending products and terms to meet their specific needs. Mitigate risk and build stronger relationships by leveraging the power of comprehensive ITR data analysis.

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GSTR Analysis: Uncover the Full Transactional Picture

Dive deep into your borrower's GSTN data, revealing a comprehensive view of their financial activities.

Sales and Purchase Breakdown
Track all incoming and outgoing transactions, including products, services, and amounts.
Returns and Refunds
Identify returns, refunds, and any associated financial adjustments.
Business vs. Personal Spending
Distinguish between business-related expenses and personal transactions.
Trend Analysis
Monitor transaction patterns over time to spot irregularities or potential red flags.
Industry Benchmarking
Compare your borrower's data against industry averages to gauge their performance.
Risk Management
Proactively identify and address potential risks based on comprehensive transaction insights.
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Combined Power

By integrating both ITR and GSTR data, you'll gain a multi-dimensional perspective of your borrowers. This allows you to:


Make Confident Lending Decisions: Base your choices on comprehensive, data-driven insights.


Streamline Underwriting: Accelerate the lending process with quick access to critical financial information.


Build Stronger Relationships: Offer personalized lending solutions that truly meet your borrowers' needs.

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