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Harness Artificial Intelligence power with CART, the AI-driven bank statement analyzer. CART enhances lending by quickly analyzing vast amounts of bank data, providing insights for informed decisions. It reduces turnaround times by 70%, boosts productivity by 45%, and saves over INR 100 millions monthly in fraud detection.

CART analyzes 400+ data points for accurate risk assessment and minimal loan defaults. As a scalable SaaS solution with REST APIs, it's easy to implement and customize. Flexible pay-per-use pricing, no volume locking, and customizable reports make CART a cost-effective way to improve lending operations. Experience advanced credit assessment with CART, setting new standards for accuracy, efficiency, and profitability.

Get started with CART and unlock new growth opportunities.

Unleash the Power of AI: Key Features & Benefits of CART

Uncover the features that enable CART to deliver fast, accurate, and reliable financial analysis

Swift Credit Assessments
AI-powered CART platform accelerates credit evaluations for faster, more accurate lending decisions.
Automated Data Extraction
Eliminates manual data entry and streamlines document analysis for improved efficiency and accuracy.
Customer Financial Insights
Provides in-depth understanding of customer financial behavior for personalized service offerings.
Enhanced Fraud Detection
Advanced fraud detection capabilities by CART identify unusual patterns to mitigate financial risks.
Comprehensive Financial Analysis
Offers a 360-degree view of customer financial statements for informed decision-making and risk management.
Account Aggregator
CART streamlines financial data collection and user consent, ensuring secure access to consolidated information.
AI-Powered Bank Statement Analysis: Unmatched Speed, Precision, & Integration

Leveraging advanced OCR and machine learning, CART swiftly processes bank statements of any format. Key financial data is extracted and undergoes automated validation for accuracy. Uncertain extractions undergo an additional human-in-the-loop review, guaranteeing reliable data for informed lending decisions.

CART's robust architecture integrates seamlessly with existing systems via RESTful APIs. The cloud-based platform scales effortlessly to meet any volume, making it a versatile solution for lenders of all sizes. With flexible pay-per-use pricing and customizable reports, CART offers a cost-effective path to enhanced credit assessment and operational efficiency.

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Backed by Novel Patterns' deep experience in financial technology and AI.

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Harness the power of the latest AI algorithms for unmatched accuracy.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate CART with your existing systems and workflows.


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Rest assured knowing that your data is protected with robust security measures.

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